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Sign Board

Sign Board


Road Signs

We manufacture wide range of Reflective Traffic boards. We are highly experienced manufacturing firm offering engineering grade / Prismatic reflective sign boards.

We have always ensured that our products comply with ROP guidelines


Safety Signs

We manufacture Safety sign boards. We are highly experienced manufacturing firm offering engineering grade sign boards. Sign boards are fixed with GI Post / Stand as per customer’s requirements.

Safety Signs are manufactured in accordance and adherence to Oil and Gas organizations specifications and requirements.

Our huge range of Safety Signs are designed to meet local and government regulations and we supply sign products to schools, construction, & building, warehouse, office and workplace environments. Selling to both Trade and public, we manufacturer our Signs in-house.. We can also create customised signs with a short turnaround. Our signs are available in a range of materials, including self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastics, glow in the dark, fluted boards, and aluminum and a huge range of sign sizes.

Our Fire Exit Signs are designed to help you navigate during an emergency evacuation and Fire Safety Signs will inform you of assembly points and provide clear safety information in the event of a fire. Our Construction Sign range is designed specifically to warn of on-site dangers within the building and construction industry. First Aid Signs are fully compliant with MOH and are designed to protect employees, visitors and general public. Door Signs provide visual guidance for toilets and other information, including Fire Door Signs. And we manufacture many other Signs, please use the categories below or our search box above to locate the sign you require.

Our signs play a vital role in communicating safety information and we are proud to supply our client base, which include brand names you know and trust. If you can't find what you are looking for in our site, please make contact today via live support, telephone or email and we will do our best to ensure you are a satisfied customer.


Flex Face

The Flex Face Light box sign is an outdoor illuminated sign system which is ideal for larger outdoor illuminated sign applications such as illuminated outdoor retail shop signs, company outdoor signs and shop front signs. Flex Face light boxes are very robust and durable with a 200mm deep metal box with GI Sheet as standard with internal supporting struts fixed to the back panel to create the rear tray of the light box. The internal backlit illumination of the light box sign can be produced using energy saving LEDs or traditional fluorescent tubes.

The Flex Face light box is so called because it features a flexible PVC banner fascia which is stretched across the front of the light box sign to create what is essentially like a skin on a drum. The PVC banner 'skin' is specifically manufactured for backlit applications to allow for the light to illuminate the banner graphic from edge to edge


Neon Signs

A neon sign is a lighting display made of glass tubes that have been filled with a gas and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. When a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, the tubes emit light. Although neon gas was originally used in these signs, several other gases are also used. These gases, along with different tints and phosphor coatings for the glass tubes, produce a spectrum of over 50 brilliant colors. Neon signs can be as simple as a small advertising sign for Rooftop.


LED Signs

Our highly experienced fabricators work for our client requirements

  • ⇨ 3D Letters LED Signage for Indoor and Outdoor areas.
  • ⇨ Illuminated 3D Letters and numbers.
  • ⇨ Illuminated English / Arabic Letters.
  • ⇨ Backlit Channel letters.
  • ⇨ CNC Router or Laser Engraved Signs.
  • ⇨ Light Boxes.
  • ⇨ Embedded LED Opal Letters.
  • ⇨ Signature Fonts and symbolic logos.


Directory signs

Aluminum profile Indoor and outdoor directory and door signs are Light weight materials, requires little or no maintenance, inherently corrosion-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, durable anodised finish, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

Our product range is inclusive of premium quality building directory signage’s. Directory signs are manufactured in adherence to industrial quality standards using the best raw materials.


Door signs

Engraved anodaised silver / golden aluminum with auto colour filling. Sign boards are use to fix with SS Wall holder / acrylic edge buffing with projected studs. Door Signs are manufactured in adherence to industrial quality standards using the best raw materials.


3D Metal Letter Sign

Manual cutting on GI Sheet as a letter / logo shape, soldering on side covers.2 coat of 2K Paint with primer coating, lacquer coating is an optional. 3D Letters can be fixed on wall, ACPand GI Gladding surface.


3D Wooden Letters Sign

Rooter cutting on MDF Wooden board as a letter / logo shape,2 coat of NCR Paint with primer coating, lacquer coating is an optional. 3D Letters can be fixed on wall, this signs are indoor purpose


Channelume signs

Acrylic letter will cover with channelum strips, and inside LED lights, this type of signs are colorful, difficult deformation faded, energy saving, environmental protection, good corrosion resistance, etc.


Fiber Molted Letters

Letters and logo will make pure fiber material with paint.


Indoor signs

(Reception sign, Door Signs, Directory Signs)